“A lot of smart people talk about the need for ‘curation’ of the almost overwhelming and unmanageable flow of information on the Internet today. The personal touch of someone whose judgement we trust will increasingly be the means we use to arrive at ‘the good stuff’ in the realm of creativity, in every medium. The “Beautiful Song of the Week” blog is an excellent example of this much-needed new function of the Internet.”  – Tom Mullaly, The Weblog Review

The short answer:

This blog is an attempt to list, in no particular order, the most beautiful music ever made. Any song, any genre, any era. Every week I will add a new beautiful song, accompanied by a brief explanation of why I’ve included it. To ensure the greatest variety possible, I’m not allowed to feature the same artist twice. (Unless it’s a remix or a cover version of one of their songs. Gotta love loopholes.)

Think of it as a mixtape that’s never quite finished.


The long answer:

We all know that music can be beautiful, but music is so everywhere that sometimes we tune it out. It becomes part of the background noise of our lives. Not beautiful, not ugly, just there. In the supermarket. In the mall. In the car passing by on the street.

But occasionally you get the chance to actually listen to a song. Not just hear it, but listen to it. It could be a song that grabs you the first time you hear it, but more often it’s a song you’ve known for years. A song you thought you knew, but for whatever reason, this time it sounds different.

Maybe you weren’t ready to recognize its beauty before. Maybe you were distracted. But this time you really listen to it, and you re-discover just how beautiful it is.

That’s how the BSOTW list started.

In the spring of 2006, I was idly listening to Moby’s breakthrough album, “Play”, when track 6, a song called “Rushing”, came on. Surrounded on the album by more radio-friendly tracks that were released as singles and/or featured in commercials for years after the album’s release, “Rushing” had flown under my radar when I first bought the album seven years earlier.

I was so excited about rediscovering the song that I played it for my new girlfriend. It was kind of fun to take time out to be together and actively listen to a song, so I decided that every week I would find another beautiful song to play for her.

It didn’t take long to use up all the beautiful songs I already knew about, so I had to start looking for them. In the process I’ve discovered a lot of great bands and composers, past and present. It’s forced me to expand the range of music I listen to. We’ve done it every week since 2006 (she’s now my wife), and all these years later, it’s still a tradition that we both look forward to.

In 2010, she convinced me to start a blog about it.

Why? Partly because I love analyzing music. But mostly, my hope is that by sharing a song per week in a more public way, other people might take time out to re-listen to their favourite songs. Or maybe they’ll find something new. Or suggest something new to me.

Who knows. But it will probably be fun.