Week 3: “And So I Know” by Stone Temple Pilots

To people who only remember Stone Temple Pilots as one of those loud-ish Seattle bands from the 90s, this song may come as a surprise. It’s buried in the middle of their third album, the elaborately titled Tiny Music: Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop, and its relaxed jazzy sound sets it apart from STP’s other material.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The huge amount of reverb on everything, giving it a sleepy soupy feel.

2. The guitar solo. These guys were serious musicians, not just another grunge band.

3. The vibraphone. It’s impossible to hear a vibraphone and not imagine that you’re sitting in a smoky bar with a martini in your hand.

4. The repeated vocal line at the end about campfire girls. Don’t know what it means, but man it’s cool.

Recommended listening activity:

Ordering a martini with a wry smile.

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