Week 79: “Leather Wings” by This Will Destroy You

And in the “don’t judge a band by its name” category, we have this four-piece group from Texas known as This Will Destroy You.

Despite the name, the band does not bite the heads off chickens, use guitars shaped like spiders, or belong to a genre containing the suffix “-core”. Instead, they specialize in contemplative, sonically layered instrumentals reminiscent of another colourfully named band of Texans featured on this blog just over a year ago; Explosions in the Sky.

Founding member Chris King has been quoted as saying that the name “This Will Destroy You” was a half-joke at the time of the band’s formation, chosen specifically because it was so obnoxious. If nothing else, it certainly makes for a nice surprise when you realize that your obnoxious-name censor was about to deprive you of some beautiful music.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The drums. They remind me of the drums that open “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin, except with less rock-out and more chill-out.

2. The enormous reverb on the guitar. Either they recorded it in the Grand Canyon, or they stole Coldplay’s effect pedal. Or both.

3. The lack of over-orchestration. With a slow, majestic song like this, it would be tempting to bring in the string section, the horns, the massive guitar solo, and just go all November Rain on it. But, in an admirable display of self-restraint, just as the song hints at a build-up…we’re back to the drums, who march us out to a quiet finish on the downbeat.

Recommended listening activity:

Going somewhere you always go, but taking a different route to get there.

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