Week 56: “The Dream” by Garage A Trois

Usually, bands that rely on a clever name to grab your attention have little talent to back it up. But the intriguingly-named “Garage A Trois” have a lot to offer aside from hilarious nomenclature.

I discovered this band because I knew of their drummer, Stanton Moore. He is one of the funkiest men on the planet, and he has a separate trio that I’d already heard about; this album in particular is highly recommended for those who like superawesome drumming. While searching for other projects he was involved in, I found Garage A Trois, and this song, which (funnily enough) has no drums in it at all.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. It fades in. Very few songs fade in. It makes it feel like the song is creeping up on you, like sleep tends to do.

2. The marimba. Its rapidly repeating arpeggios remind me a bit of the piano part in last week’s song, and it has the same hypnotic result.

3. The sax. It floats in and out of the song as if it’s unaware that other instruments are playing.

Recommended listening activity:

Falling asleep in a place you wouldn’t usually sleep.

Buy it here.