Week 200: “Beyond This Moment” by Patrick O’Hearn


I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to think of something special to write about to celebrate this blog’s 200th week. It had to be something big. Something fancy. Something worthy of nearly four years of music hunting.

After many hours, several false-starts, and much agonizing, the best I could come up with was the following list:

Things I could have done with the time I spent trying to come up with something to write about for this week’s post:
  • Learned to juggle.
  • Made several batches of stew, to be frozen and saved for days when there’s no time to cook.
  • Searched for the missing cat from those posters that are all over my neighbourhood.
  • Called my mother.
  • Designed a line of t-shirts celebrating sports teams that made it to the finals, only to lose. Working name for company: “No Cigar Apparel”.
  • Re-arranged my books alphabetically by opening word.
  • Watched all those Philip Seymour Hoffman movies I never saw.
  • Researched ways to make my house more energy efficient.
  • Prepared 12 months’ worth of birthday cards for family and friends, pre-addressed and stamped.
  • Volunteered for something.
  • Downloaded the first season of “The Cosby Show” for the guy who works the night shift at the corner store.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that there are lots of things worth doing. Many of them are more important or rewarding than celebrating multiples of ten.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some stew to make.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The acoustic guitar. All by itself at first, almost lost among the other instruments by the end.

2. The big plinky piano. Makes the whole thing very dreamy.

3. The upright bass. Helps keep the dreamy part grounded in reality.

Recommended listening activity:

All of the above.

Buy it here.