Week 209: “Sex Slave Ship” by Flying Lotus


When you’re up late working on something – a creative project of some kind, usually – there comes a moment when you have to make a decision: do you go to bed now or just work through until morning?

It’s an exciting moment; you look at the clock, you look at what you’ve done so far, you look back at the clock…and there’s a sudden rush when you make the decision to be nocturnal. You’re defying logic. You’re rejecting society’s expectations of what a work day should be. You’re declaring a temporary victory over your own circadian rhythms. You put on some coffee, crack your knuckles, and dive in.

Flying Lotus makes music for that very moment.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. It’s hyper-bassy. But despite that, there’s plenty of high-end stuff here too, most notably the jangling tambourine.

2. It’s hyper-compressed. This is a signature of Flying Lotus’ music; filling the entire dynamic range until the sound feels ready to burst. (It reaches the limit at 1:37.)

3. It’s so short that it begs to be looped over and over, until your nocturnal project is finished.

Recommended listening activity:

Losing track of time.

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