Week 215: “Liquid Summer” by Diamond Messages


Here are some things I plan on doing this summer:

  • Going barefoot
  • Spending 48 consecutive hours without wearing a watch
  • Spending 48 consecutive hours without the internet
  • Reading at least one terrible mystery novel
  • Impulsively going to see a band I’ve never heard of
  • Riding my bike aimlessly
  • Getting a sandal tan

And whenever I can’t decide what to do, I’ll sleep on it.

In a hammock.

While this song plays.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The contrast between the ultra-deep kick drum and plinkety-plink glockenspiel at 1:15.

2. Despite the pounding 4/4 time of the drums, the bass skips along in triplets, like a kid playing hopscotch.

3. Although it feels like it could loop forever, the song grinds to a sudden halt, like summers often do.

Recommended listening activity:

Catching drips of ice cream as they make their way down the cone towards your fingers.

Buy it here.