Week 219: “Solace” by Aether


My brother made up a word when we were kids: “cornery”. The dictionary entry for this word would look something like this:

cor·ner·y [kawr-nuh-ree; IPA kɔrnəri]
adjective, cor·ner·i·er, cor·ner·i·est.

Often used to describe something (usually a place) that has a comforting, somewhat hidden feeling to it. Ex: “The pond surrounded by willow trees at my cottage is very cornery.”

My brother, mid-1980s; adjectival form of “corner”, denoting security and pleasant seclusion.

comfortable, idyllic, peaceful, secluded, ethereal, solace-full

I can’t remember exactly when he first coined this term, but it quickly became part of our family’s dialect, and over the years we identified many things and places that deserved to be described as “cornery”. Eventually we stopped using the word; probably once adolescence made us too cool to use such a childish word. But starting today, I’m going to make an effort to re-introduce it to my vocabulary.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The bass is ocean-level deep, and with headphones on, it’ll vibrate your brain.

2. At 0:43, the piano has echoes of the Amelie soundtrack.

3. There’s something about it that’s just…I don’t know…cornery.

Recommended listening activity:

Visiting your favourite cornery location.

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