Week 233: “Only Growing Old” by Kate Davis

kate davis

I grew about ten inches between my 12th and 15th birthdays. Not exactly a freakish amount of growth, but enough to guarantee that adults were constantly saying things like, “hey, did you grow again?” or “I remember when you were only this tall,” or “quit growing, would ya!”

These comments were often accompanied by a hearty laugh and the kind of man-to-man shoulder-punch preferred by hockey coaches and uncles who have had too much to drink.

I knew that these people meant well, but I never really knew how to respond to such remarks. Was I supposed to thank them for noticing? Apologize for growing? I was so gangly and awkward already that it seemed unfair to shine the spotlight on me for something that was so obviously out of my control anyway.

Years later, I now find myself on the other side of these conversations. With no warning, it starts happening; the toddlers in your life are tiny one day, and towering over you the next. It’s shocking, and it reminds you just how quickly time passes. When I see a kid who surprises me with their rapid growth, I am so genuinely surprised that I find myself tempted to laugh heartily and throw a quick, jocular shoulder punch.

But I don’t. I bite my lip. I complement them on their shirt. I ask what they’re up to these days. I remind myself that as much as I might want to defend myself against the passing of time, teasing some poor kid who’s at the mercy of a growth spurt isn’t the right approach.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. Kate Davis is a fantastic songwriter. This song takes the topic of aging and somehow manages to treat it with optimism, pessimism, and indifference all at once.

2. Her voice is as comfortable being delicate as it is being big.

3. There’s a children’s choir that hangs out in the background for most of the song, and then joins her for the last lines.

Recommended listening activity:

Getting rid of anything in your bathroom that has “anti-aging” written on the packaging.

Buy it here.