Week 250: “Miasma Sky” by Baths


Time has a way of creeping up on you.

One minute, you’re minding your business, idly cleaning old newspapers off the kitchen table. Then, as you toss them into the recycling, you realize:  it was exactly one year ago today that you moved into this apartment. Or exactly two years ago that you broke up with so-and-so. Or ten years ago that you graduated.

It’s a weird, unexpected feeling. It’s not necessarily a sad thing either; more of a quick reminder that a lot of pages have turned while you were busy doing other things.

It’s a feeling that makes me think of the song I posted way back in week two. And now that this blog has suddenly hit week 250, it makes me think of another song that’s full of unexpected feelings and surprises: “Miasma Sky” by Baths.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The unexpected two-against three rhythm that opens the song.

2. The unexpected key change at 1:45.

3. The unexpected piano that gives the largely digital song an organic ending.

Recommended listening activity:

Imagining where you’ll be 250 weeks from now.

Buy it here.