Week 254: “The Rustle of Spring” by Christian Sinding


Some waterfalls only exist for a few weeks each year.

There are several of these waterfalls in the area where my parents live. As the weather warms up and the snow melts, tiny streams turn into rushing rivers, and cliffs that are usually bone dry end up looking like this. Even though they’re on private property, these hidden natural wonders are open to the public one weekend each year for self-guided tours.

I’ll admit that as far as waterfalls go, these ones are not Niagara-level impressive. But to me, the fact that they’re so temporary is what makes them fascinating. We usually think of waterfalls as being permanent, probably because their two main ingredients (rivers and cliffs) are relatively permanent things. But the spring-only variety of waterfall is almost as fleeting as a rainbow, and to me that heightens their beauty.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The constant fast-paced movement in the right hand sounds like flowing water.

2. Eventually, the fast-paced movement shifts to the left hand. I like this because one of the most mesmerizing things about a waterfall is fixing your eyes on one little piece of water and watching its path from top to bottom.

3. There’s no extended beginning or ending; it just appears, flutters around happily, and wraps up.

Recommended listening activity:

Checking your back yard for hints of plants poking up through the snow.

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