Week 356: “Motion Capture” by Snow Palms

Discovering a new band, and discovering that you like virtually everything they’ve done, is an awesome feeling. It’s like opening a drawer in your kitchen to find a fully-wrapped candy bar that you purchased, and then promptly forgot about, last week.

But a rarer and even more awesome experience is discovering a new record label, and finding that virtually every act they’ve signed is both wonderfully talented and completely new to you. If a new band is a forgotten candy bar, a new label is an entire bag of Halloween candy you didn’t even know you had stashed away.

With this in mind, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my brand new bag of Halloween candy: Village Green Recordings.

Every time I reach into the bag, my hand comes up with something utterly unexpected and wonderful: A violinist who is also a physicist. A frenetic song with one of the hands-down best titles ever. A video featuring “electromagnetic fields, sub-zero temperatures, and 2000 volts of electricity.”

I could probably dedicate at least a month of Mondays to music from this label. (Hey, we once dedicated a whole month to an entire hemisphere, so why not?) But for now, I’ll let you explore this wonderful bag of candy for yourself, starting with the joyful, whimsical beauty of Snow Palms.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. The metronomic xylophones, bursting like Pop Rocks.

2. The perky clarinet, twirling like Twizzlers.

3. The smooth strings, holding it all together like caramel hanging between separated halves of a Mars bar.

Recommended listening activity:

Seeing how far you can stretch a $10 bill at a candy store.

Buy it here.