Week 364: “Fernweh” by The Ideal Setback

Here are ten things I know about setbacks:

Setbacks are inevitable.

Setbacks can hurt.

Setbacks feel permanent.

Setbacks can trick you into thinking you deserve them.

Setbacks in one area of your life do not mean you’re a failure in all areas of life.

Setbacks are inaccurately named, because rather setting you back, they often nudge you sideways.

Setbacks have tiny opportunities hidden inside them.

Setbacks, like mountains, look enormous when they’re right in front of you.

Setbacks, like mountains, are exhausting when you’re trying to scale them.

Setbacks, like mountains, are kind of beautiful as they fade into the distance and blend into the horizon behind you.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. It fades in so slowly that by the time you realize it’s happening, it’s been happening for quite a while. Like a setback.

2. It doesn’t go anywhere in terms of chord structure, but keeps layering new elements one by one, to support those two simple, comforting chords. Like a good friend.

3. It doesn’t fade out in the same way that it faded in; if anything, the ending is a bit abrupt. As if it’s ready to move on.

Recommended listening activity:

Leaving something behind.

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