Week 57: “Your Song” by Groove Armada (Tim Lee remix)

People often talk about “remix culture”, referring to the interactions between users and content on the internet, and the fact that easily accessible software and file-sharing has made it possible for the masses, who used to be primarily the consumers of culture, to become producers and re-interpreters of culture. It sounds great, and paints a picture of a utopian “culture 2.0” type of world in which we’re all musical creators.

But let’s get real for a second. A lot of the user/content interaction that happens on the internet isn’t worth a whole lot. And just because I can take a video of Charlie biting someone’s finger at mix it with a techno beat, it doesn’t make me a musical genius or cultural creator. Remixes are sometimes frivolous, and now more than ever, they often represent nothing more than a fledgling DJ’s attempt to grab a share of someone else’s popularity.

However! There are some good remixes out there, and maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical; maybe sifting through so many bad ones makes the good ones seem even better. This is one of my favourite remixes, mostly because it takes a good song and makes it better by giving it a new key and a new feel.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. Never-ending vocal echoes.       (echoes.)                          (echoes.)

2. Just a hint of Latin percussion. It starts to fade in gradually about 45 seconds in. Could be the soundtrack for the world’s most lethargic salsa dancing competition.

3. The horn solo. I have trouble deciding whether it’s a muted trumpet, flugelhorn, or what. But it’s not in the original version, and I like it. (Actually, the vocal track is just about the only thing that comes directly from the original song by Groove Armada.)

Recommended listening activity:

Re-arranging the furniture in your bedroom.

Buy it here.

p.s. if you know of any beautiful remixes, let me know: beautifulsongoftheweek@gmail.com